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Autonomous Cars, already obsolete....

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Just saw on the news (KTlA) a new flying car that holds 4 and travels up to 200mph, no pilots license required and just received the FAA green light to proceed.


Ok Uber, beat that. Everyone so busy developing ground transportation, How about the future of air transportation. Look out United, American and Delta. Your days are numbered.
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There is no space to fly, even for a small airplane need to have a permission for take off. Just narrow lane for your flight. Any "step" to the right, to the left - security service will shoot you like a bird...lol
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Monopoly. Why we still fly old tech planes? Because of monopoly. They don't want a new tech planes to replace old planes because they want to make money using old machines. We would be flying on new reactive aircraft years ago...no...
99% of new startups dying because of monopolies.
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