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Australian UBER Drivers - We need your help to get National Media Coverage.

As I mentioned on another thread without National Media coverage about the plight of Uber drivers in Australia we will get nowhere. https://uberpeople.net/threads/we-have-listened.30592/

We all need to actively get our story out; with this in mind I have put together a rough list of the major media contacts across the Nation.

Given the amount of unhappy drivers that are on this site nationally we can have a voice and start to create a groundswell. And maybe just maybe we can make a difference for all of us.

These are only my thoughts - please feel free to add suggestions, offer services, contacts, etc. I am also happy to facilitate connecting people up discreetly.

Our esteemed HC drivers - surely you have built up a number of media/legal/ big end of town contacts in your travels that you could have a quite word with, if you have not already.

What would be wonderful to have are a few different themed Media Releases. Suggestions below.
• The impact of the GST on drivers
• The BS earnings that UBER are using to entice new drivers, whilst Uber are burning the existing drivers that help them take a share of the market
• The low fares that drivers have to endure, ratings etc, etc.

There are a number of very articulate people on this forum that really know what they are talking about, maybe they would like to also put something together. I seem to remember that someone on the one of the Aussie city forums has communications experience. Maybe they would like to assist with drafting something. Please put your hand up if interested.

Would also be wonderful to have a National Facebook page, if we don't already - we would need someone to set this up and act as a responsible moderator, so that bad language and abusive comments can be deleted. Twitter is also another avenue.

Also what about Change .Org petition - https://www.change.org/ just a thought 

In the mean time below are the contact numbers for various media outlets. You may also have media outlets that are not on the list that you may wish to contact.

Just remember to keep your language civil, factual and to the point.

• Call your local ABC Radio: you can call the ABC Radio anonymously if you wish, just explain why, they do respect that.
o 702 ABC Sydney: (02) 8333 1234
o 612 ABC Brisbane: (07) 3377 5222
o 91.7 Gold Coast FM: (07) 5595 2917
o 774 ABC Melbourne: (03) 9626 1500
o 720 ABC Perth: (08) 9220 2700

• A Current Affair - http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/feedback.aspx send a story

• 60 Minutes - http://www.9jumpin.com.au/show/60minutes/send-a-story/
o Phone: 02 9906 9999
o Email: [email protected]

• Channel Nine main numbers
o Channel 9 Sydney+61 2 9906 9999
o Channel 9 Melbourne+61 3 9420 3111
o Channel 9 Brisbane+61 7 3214 9999
o Channel 9 Adelaide+61 8 8267 0111
o Channel 9 Perth+61 8 9449 9999

• Contact the Today Show - don't have a number.

Print Media - write letters to the Editors, call, or email.
• SMH: Editorial and news
o PH: 02 9282 2833.
o Email: [email protected]

• Courier Mail Brisbane - they love a good story.
o PH: (07) 3666 8000 - Newsroom
o Email Newsroom: [email protected]

• The Age: Editorial and news
o PH: (03) 8667 2250
o Email: [email protected]
o Switch: +61 3 8667 2000

• WA Today: Newsroom
o PH: 08 9220 1560
o Email: [email protected].

I am also aware that there are some people working quietly in the background - if I am treading on fingers and toes please PM me and I do apologize in advance if that is the case.

Some content should not be out on a public site - PM people, just be aware of this going forward.

Please make an effort to contact anyone of the Media outlets if you are comfortable doing so.
Just remember to keep your language civil, factual and to the point.

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Um mm mm I admire your fighting spirit kinda like Don Quixote ,..... or the WA Taxi Driver protest ...and similarly ..... your namesake movie ....Thelma & Louise how'd these three events end up ....?

All the protest in WA did was get Uber more free publicity, more riders, more part time drivers, more ex taxi drivers converting to Uber, and more credibility with politicians. ....

Pick your battles, unless you are fully funded, fully committed, and fully supported by the majority of Uber drivers you will be steamrollered by the Uber marketing machine and higher paid lobbyists than you could ever afford. ...unless your Gina Reinhardt. ...

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All the protest in WA did was get Uber more free publicity, more riders, more part time drivers, more ex taxi drivers converting to Uber, and more credibility with politicians
There's talk of a taxi strike in Melbourne in September...
but it maybe isn't a full-blown strike. More like a rally at State Parliament.
I wonder how well it will rate in the news bulletins though. Time will tell I guess...
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