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Ok, so when I turned on the app today and was looking at my ratings and if there were any issues from the 1 day I worked last week there was 8 issues for Attitude!!! Really?? I always talk with the Pax that like to have a conversation. I always say hello, have a good day/night. I have reached 500 trips and never got in an argument with a Pax. I guess they are just trying to get free rides from Uber?
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Just looked on the forum from other cities as well and everyone is saying that they have gone from 2-3 issues to about 50-60 overnight so I am guessing there is an issue with the app? Or maybe not? I sure as hell am not going to lose sleep over it. Just thought it was strange.

Jerseyboys - you might be right....maybe I didn't smile when I said hello?
When I logged onto the app yesterday they were gone so as some have said it must have been a glitch.
I didn't know you could see comments for a complaint either.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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