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i think uber is trying to trick us.
you will see on the bottom of your app . will say 2.75 next ride min surge.
when you get a ping it will show the eta and the 2.75 .
uber is now showing the amount of surge on the bottom of the app. But uber is sending pings with out the bonus in it.
ALWAYS check your pings to see if the bonus is there before accepting it.
Second we all know when your on a ride with uber . uber will send you future requests .
will say you are only 8 minutes away from completing the ride and your new requests come in.
will say the request is 12 minutes away minus the 8 minute to drop off the pax so the eta to get the new pax will be about 4 to 5 minutes .
today this is no longer true here. two different times i accept the new when i was dropping a pax off .
the eta is the eta after you drop off the pax. keep this in mind never accept a new ping over the set amount you usually use.
i canceled 3 rides today uber trying to screw me over.
there is a severe shortage of drivers here with uber . i think uber is desperate .
UBER F ing pay better/ you will get new drivers
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