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Atlantic Beach Toll

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When you guys go to Atlantic beach how much Uber reimburse you for the toll? 2 or 4 bucks?
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Two bucks. Btw I charged my pax that money and asked uber to reimburse;)
Did Uber gave you the four bucks? Cause I sent them several messages and they keep saying 2 is the right number.
That was my first time in that area as an Uber driver and the guy also didn't have any money.
Just lost two dollars for Uber, they won. I refuse myself sending more messages to them.

But thanks for the tips guys.
I lose $5.60 often, I get a few Bronx request since I live near Whitestone, hell....I even get requests from across the bridge in the morning
That's totally unfair, getting pings from across the bridge. They should reimburse you.

I live in Astoria just next to Triboro bridge and everytime time I end up in the Bronx while finishing my shift I get really pissed, cause I know I'll end up paying for the toll myself.
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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