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Hey guys I got an email from ATT stating they are discontinuing my work rate data plan.( It’s an extra 1gb to my plan). My question is: Is there a minimum amount of trips you need to have to get a discount from ATT?
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I think you just get a discount if you drive at all.
It's not much of a discount.
If you have a phone that is unlocked, may want to think about getting Straight Talk
This is no advertisement, just a recommendation that may save you a few bucks.

Word of caution tho, AT&T SIMs seems to be unlocked for SPEED while all other providers seem to be throttled.
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Seems like AT&T has a lot of deadspots too in the suburbs for some reason.
May look into switching to Verizon.
Verizon is more expensive I think but I can be locked naked in a vault in Siberia and get a good signal.
I believe it.
It's not everywhere in the outskirts but it's bad enough that I have to align myself by asking the riders where they are going and hope they don't get pissed off LOL
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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