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Only buber knows for sure....

Did we actually make them turn back. If so, we need to do it again with this new fare cut and surge crap. I personally don't think "we" had anything to do with it....Just another buber scam. We'll never know the rest of the story. Only speculation on our part.

But that don't mean we should stop trying. Boy, I am in so much trouble....LOL

Read my other posts......https://uberpeople.net/threads/uber-drivers-rally-at-city-hall-10-31.291969/

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Lyft has no reason to follow Uber in this. They already have an army of ants willingly to work without a surge all day/ night long!

That's why they offer nothing anymore. No promotions no bonuses. The best you can get is $10 for 5 in a row !

I prefer to work the Uber thing enjoying my cancellations when mom is taking her time and Lyft only when worth to.

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Greg1973, for many reasons on Lyft, rentals and something else about the platform.

I'm coming out.
(Diana Ross version--not Broadway and Halsted:)

I am an ant.

Let's start with Lyft, I am an eligible and capable Uber driver in the system. Mother and I are not on speaking terms. I'm furious about operation Greybull. Its amazing to me that my Youngbloods know every single little bitty thing about catching a higher fare and appear to know nothing about the database--it's origins and how we all got here,

Won't get into the weeds but this part comes to mind. Hey, "mechanics" you realize that you are driving on a platform that never forgets and invented "dirty tricks?" Don't you?

"what happened to our surge?" You rage.
Did you think Ma doesn't know everything? Beddar than you?
A company that STARTED by undermining regulations (government is baaaad, anyway right?)
You gonna outrun that Cat?

In da hood--we call dat: Short Money.
Flush and gangster--but short lived.

Run, Forest, run on a platform that can still seek search and find--rider or driver
to the last time you got some, or got some milk.

That's enough for now.

Sorry for the jack, Soda. Sorry not sorry.

I think my Pont was YEA...Monday morning surge and Sunday night drive has been redone.

N da Pit
You can find me in the Pit, bottle full of kick*
Look Mami I got the Ping
if you into driving like you're sick……

*Kick (soft drink)
Kick was a citrus soda product by Royal Crown Company, Inc. developed in 1965
British energy drink produced by Tesco
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