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Since both Lyft and Uber define us as independent contractors, and the Uber contract actually says we are using "default" fees, I'm wondering about trying to institute a long-distance pick-up fee.

Since the companies don't do this, I think we should. I am going to ask passengers more than 10 minutes/3 miles away for a $7 fee to be paid in cash or via a credit card in order to be picked up. This will mostly result in cancellations, which is to our benefit as those cancellations will not count against acceptance rates.

But the best thing is - customers will get rides who need them instead of being cancelled on because they are unprofitable rides.

Has anyone else experimented with this? I might contact Lyft about it as their terms are more vague, but I'm pretty sure Uber's contract has to allow this.

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I have a better idea, f it's more than 9 or 10 minutes away, just don't accept it, screw the cancellation rate till they warn you. You can also try the accept then quickly cancel to see if that doesn't count towards acceptance rate. If you attempt to solicit a pick up fee, on the off chance a pax says OK, you are getting one starred!!
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