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Think outside the box.

I spent last night thinking this through rather than just being a lemming and doing what we are all conditioned to do in dialing the one toll-free number typically given. (Actually I had already used an auto-dialer to call it over a thousand times just to get busy signal after busy signal)

We are trying to get into a building that has tens of thousands of people lined up at the front doors trying to get in to talk to one of the hundreds of workers.

What else is like that?

It came to me that I go to see shows and concerts at a campus arena that funnels 12000-16000 people through one main entrance and half a dozen metal detectors that is just as frustrating.

Unless of course, you know of a less used or well known back side entrance or employee entrance you can game your way through right? I use exactly that to bypass the huge line and delay when I go to a show I use a side entrance around towards the back that few people seem to be aware of.

So we need to find the side entrance or employee entrance. Hundreds if not thousands of people in the unemployment office have a phone on their desks right? It's how they call each other as well as how others get in contact with them that are given access. Some have toll-free numbers but most have local numbers not normally published.

Your state has local branches all over and every one of those offices have UNPUBLISHED local and toll free numbers that you can find with a few well worded google searches because I/we are not the first ones to figure this out or share it.

It does not seem to matter WHAT number you get in with so long as you can get a human being on it and get past that log jam at the front door. You are already in the building and can be directed to the right place or in this case you can be TRANSFERRED TO THE RIGHT QUE from inside the system!

After a few frustrating days and having to listen to busy signals all day while an auto dialer called over and over for me I got through twice this morning within 45 minutes using the manipulation of their system I just described.

Give it a shot.

If you are in a big city maybe search for the unemployment office in some rural area of the state.

Good Luck
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