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I've never gotten a time out. This is from a recent rush hour in downtown D.C...

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3.2 last year. normally i would ignore a 3.2 call but this time i was intrigued in the afternoon.
pick up was @ a DC hotel.
40 YO male in a suit. asked the dude about his 3.2
he blamed it on drunk friends that accompanied him on past trips

I've heard that reason before.

he gave me $10 and hard nips after his hand brushed against one.

I gave him 5 stars. would of given him 6 for the slick move.

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I love receiving pool requests the more the merrier. When I have numerous individual pick ups and equal drop offs I feel like I am contributing to society and traffic flow, helping the environment and my fellow human beings.

Conversely I always REJECT all Entitled Sliver Spooned, UberX request with their dirty sawbuck tips who think they're special, think they deserve mobile transportation exclusive to their needs, think they have no responsibilities to living in a community.

Well not with me my friend, Not with me!

I put 1262 uber pool miles on my car last week and cleared $163 and feel worthy of societal membership :)
You sound like and endorsement for COMMUNISM. This isn't Soviet Russia, and the state won't have your back when you fall.
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