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This company continues to exploit drivers on a daily basis. Here is another example of it here.

On top of the stupid text messages i receive daily from them trying to tell me how much a “average driver makes” during certain times.

They exploited the new “gas” increased earnings to us as a good margin, well we on average get .3 - .7 per delivery from it.

So i called about these things and continued to get hung up on from support less help people accross the world who could not answer questions i had AGAIN!

I am about done with Rideshare. Its no longer fun, or worth the risk and were and tear in my car anymore.

I fell bad for the full timers who put everything they had into it.

But the greedy companies will continue to exploit and mistreat you as a contractor under there payment methods.

Its flat out highway robbery by now, and they continue to get worse at it legally within there rights.

It is sad to depend on customer tips to make any sort of impactful income for doing the most dangerous thing people do on a daily basis. Which is driving safe.

Good luck everyone! Drive safe! 👍
What's this surge you talk about? Surge died with arrival of inflation and hungry ants slaving to Uber Quests.
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