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Uber's recent defense against class action certification was "there is no such thing as a typical Uber driver", and so those three drivers that won their individual cases do not properly represent the majority of Uber drivers.
Uber backed this statement up with this fancy graph on Twitter: Now I don't know about you, but I don't see how our age, gender, or reason for driving has anything do to with us being "typical drivers". By that logic, the only way to be a "typical driver" is if we were all the same gender, same age, and were driving for the same reason.
Uber is trying to challenge the Typicality requirement for class certification, which states "the claims of the representative parties (the 3 drivers that won) are typical of the claims of the class (all other drivers)". It does not say anything about the class (all drivers) having to be the same age, gender, etc.
The Typicality requirement is simply asking; are the claims of other drivers similar to the claims of the three drivers that won? In my case, yes, absolutely. If this does not go to class certification, I will file an individual case with the same exact claims. I'm sure there are plenty of other drivers that would do the same thing. Which means the Typicality requirement is easily met.

Lets move on from the legal part and talk about being an Uber driver; a typical Uber driver. Lets ignore Uber's ridiculous demographic requirements for being a typical Uber driver and review what we actually do when we're online, and see if there are any similarities between us. I will describe what I typically do when I'm online, and those of you that want to reply to this thread can tell me if you do something similar.
I usually start my shift when I'm home, and head to the border between two surge zones. If one zone is surging and the other isn't, I cross my fingers and hope the request comes from the surge zone. Once I'm omw to pickup, I hope the pax doesn't cancel since I am now out of position of where I want to be and I wouldn't even get a cancel fee. Right before I turn the block and arrive, I wonder if the pax is outside and ready, or if they're gonna make me wait the whole 5 minutes for them. Once they're in, I hit the navigate button, then head out. Usually we talk about random stuff, sometimes they're just on their phones in the back which I don't mind. Then I drop them off and do it again.
To summarize what I typically do as an Uber Driver; I pick people up and then drop them off where they want to go. Am I the only driver that does that? :D
A typical Uber driver picks up pax and drops them off safely and without incident. There are instances where drivers assault, rob, or sexually assault pax, but they are the extreme minority and are not typical Uber drivers.

There are only two questions in this thread:
1) Would your legal claims against Uber be similar to the claims by the three drivers that won their cases?
2) Based on what we do when we're online, is there such a thing as a typical Uber driver, and are you one of them?

Please only respond if you actually know what I'm talking about, if you don't know, you should find out because the outcome of this (the case not this thread) will affect all of us. Before any of you new drivers ask what the case is or what the claims are, search the forum, there are tons of threads on them.
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