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Are We Getting Automatic 5 Stars Now From Riders?

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Did Uber Pro finally give us a default 5 stars for riders who don't rate? In just a few hours a 1, 2, and 3 star rating fell off and I've increased 2 points. Is Uber trying to up all drivers to "Gold" and "Platinum" so they look better in the eyes of the riders...? Or did I just get a lucky slew of people who actually rate and magically had 3 back-to-back bad ratings way back when?

I don't really care about my ratings, per say exactly, I'm just curious because I've simply never seen my rating increase so rapidly before... ?‍♂
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I hope so. I just hit 500 rated rides and I want the crap that I got the first week to disappear fast!

(hey, it's all bs, but still....)
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Well, let's ask the question. Should we start caring???
Look at how many threads there are on here that say "I won't pick up any pax with a rating under 4.xx! " Isn't it reasonable to think that many pax feel the same about drivers, and are canceling rides from drivers with less than x scores?

Now, add all this gold/platinum/diamond rating to it. How long before they're canceling on any driver with a partner rating, or even gold? or platinum??? We may be forced into caring. ugh!
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Another possibility is that drivers and pax are paired based on having the same rating, give or take a small margin. That'll have a bizarre impact.
It could be 5 star ratings knocking off 5 star ratings so no net change. I just knocked off another 2 star in only a few trips. ?‍♂
That's what's happening. I noticed it last night. Then, of course, I get dinged twice by some ^*() kids at UCLA. Drove a perfect night, no problems at all and they downrate me??? piss on them!
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