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Are We Getting Automatic 5 Stars Now From Riders?

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Did Uber Pro finally give us a default 5 stars for riders who don't rate? In just a few hours a 1, 2, and 3 star rating fell off and I've increased 2 points. Is Uber trying to up all drivers to "Gold" and "Platinum" so they look better in the eyes of the riders...? Or did I just get a lucky slew of people who actually rate and magically had 3 back-to-back bad ratings way back when?

I don't really care about my ratings, per say exactly, I'm just curious because I've simply never seen my rating increase so rapidly before... ?‍♂
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Do you really care about the points, ratings, and the other garbage Uber has in the app? All a distraction of shit pay.
Someone didn't read the whole post lol. :rolleyes:
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Well, let's ask the question. Should we start caring???
Look at how many threads there are on here that say "I won't pick up any pax with a rating under 4.xx! " Isn't it reasonable to think that many pax feel the same about drivers, and are canceling rides from drivers with less than x scores?

Now, add all this gold/platinum/diamond rating to it. How long before they're canceling on any driver with a partner rating, or even gold? or platinum??? We may be forced into caring. ugh!
This is more what I'm on about here with this question. Since riders care, or at least Uber seems to think riders care, it would seem to be in Uber's best interest to present every one of its riders with "the best of the best" drivers and it can't do that if everyone has a visibly low rating.
Done 4 trips since the new pro s&(;/
Rating is the same.
It could be 5 star ratings knocking off 5 star ratings so no net change. I just knocked off another 2 star in only a few trips. ?‍♂
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I just used Uber to go to the store and when i got off it didn't ask for rating or tip, I had to go back in and find it under trips to add tip and it did look like it had auto starred the trip.
Would be funny if this is unintentional by Uber and they "correct" it... :eek:-o:
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