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Are There Any UBER Fantasy Leagues Out There?

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And if not, would you like to help me implement one?
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Everyone antes up prior to day's drive.
Most the drivers in my region are already anted up.
I will bet that the next Uber driver arrested for rape comes from Miami. In fact, I will buy 2 spots and also take Nashville, what the heck.
I will bet that the next driver murdered in the US is killed in Indiana.
I will bet that the next Uber driver arrested for DUI is from.... uh..... Georgia.
I bet the next driver fired for carrying a gun is from.... Las Vegas.
I bet the next market to get a driver pay raise will be ..... hmmm..... that's never gonna happen, I will keep my money.
I bet the next pedestrian killed by an automated Uber is in.... Pittsburgh!!!
Let me know what other fantasy league betting options I can get in on, this is fun!!
I bet the next Uber driver with a dumb idea comes from Western Massachusetts. :D
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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