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Are There Any UBER Fantasy Leagues Out There?

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And if not, would you like to help me implement one?
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No. I see I'm being misconstrued. I mean something along the lines of a sports fantasy league. Could model it on baseball. $3-$4 ride a single, runners advance one base. $4.01-$5 -- 2-base single. $5-$6 a double and so on. Inning over when five minutes elapse between last rider drop off and next ping. First to ten runs wins. Everyone starts at the same time in the same region. At end of day winner gets the pot. Everyone antes up prior to day's drive. Will certainly force everyone to think strategically, though unicorn rides can win the day for someone whose tactics are faulty.

If done right and with impeccable oversight, I can envision a fair amount of drivers saying tell me more.
Actually, the two events are independent of each other. Therefore, there's no reason two consecutive dumb ideas can't come from the same region. Hope I didn't destroy your illusions about lightning.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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