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App to Count Planes at DIA

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What do people use? Anything free that works? Thx!
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Even on X and Lyft wait times can range from 20 minutes to 5 hours or more. Longest I've ever waited for a ping 2.5 hrs, shortest, 15 minutes. The amount of time I wait is based on if the queue is moving, if it's not turning, I'll give it 90 minutes (enough time for a cat nap) then I'm gone.
We are talking SELECT,at the height of the summer and the wait time is longer than 2 hrs.
height of summer is 2 hrs? Huh? Sorry, you lost me .

FWIW i got out in 1 hr 45min on Tues. Obviously I know that is very rare
What would be really nice if one of these apps like flight aware showed a line graph with the arrival volume across time of day, updated real time to include delays and eliminate code share flights (Canada air/united is same flight)..
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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