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App to Count Planes at DIA

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What do people use? Anything free that works? Thx!
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I don't know how drivers make money who sits at DIA waiting lot. I tried few mornings if I was sleepy or just not feeling well, waiting can be around 3-4 hours for a single trip. Got my lesson. No rematch at drop off, then no waiting in queue for me
Some drivers can make it work. This has been stated before but some like myself who drive only select may wait up to 3-4 hours yes but that one trip equals 2 regular airport trips...without the extra mileage and time in traffic. Also, I can work on my business out there...or watch movies which is what I end up doing anyways haha.

It's likely the ones who wait out there don't feel the need to constantly drive because rideshare isn't their full time job.
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Not always. I’ve been there for longer yes but many times I’m out before 4 hours. Few times I’ve had a 20minute wait but those days are rare.
We are talking SELECT,at the height of the summer and the wait time is longer than 2 hrs.
Right...I only drive Select when I'm out at the airport. And it was this summer I had the in and out twice within about an hour and a half total...one of those listed above only took 20mins.

IF you enter the queue with over 30 cars, yes your wait time may be longer than 4 hours. But I never enter the queue when it's that high unless I'm already out there and I say WTH why not.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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