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i posted this on another thread but wonderin if anyone had this problem or any incite..i really dont want to have to take another medical exam and further extend this process...

i have submited EVERY part needed. wav course certificate, defensiver drivers course certificate, and medical form. took 3 day class, and passed my exam. took drug test and background check.

had passed my test 4 days ago, and thought i was good to go waiting 2-3 weeks for license....decide to check my application status on the online database to notice it saying "needed" under "medical form" and "defensive driving course" two things which i 10000% handed in right before taking my drug test and background check.

heres the kicker, my counter guy was incompetent and too busy talking about lunch with coworker while processing my papers. he forgot my passport at the copier or wherever he brought it.. i asked him where it was and he replied sternly "i handed it right back to you"...."NO you didnt"...he proceeds to walk all the way back to wherever he took it, and brought it back to me...hands me my papers EXCEPT for my medical form, and like a dummy i had imagined they kept that for their records...i walk back clueless and just imagining they will call my name for the background check...5 min later THIS same incompetent clerk calls me back and tells me he forgot to give me my window ticket back and to wait for that number again.


so it seems he DIDNT process my medical form, NOR my defensive driving course certificate, and now i dont even have my medical form anymore so itll be my word against theirs. now my whole process is delayed even further and no fault of my own. this wouldnt be such a big issue if i werent in between jobs, and so desperately needed that license to come in ASAP.

sorry guys, needed to vent. this all has been super frustrating to begin with...i finally thought i was done after passing that exam. now i have to deal with this unexpected BULL****
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