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App hack

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I have a question, I was doing the cinco de mayo thing last nite downtown when my Uber app started to act funny, this was after I had dropped off a group of pax. So I logged off & when I logged back on it said my account was in use on another device. I rebooted my phone signed out & back in, still had the same issue. I called Uber’s wonderful India support team & they were no help. Basically I was wondering is this a flaw with the app? Has it happened to anyone else? could anyone hack it & get access to your account with there phone or other device?
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That's weird. I've never even heard of a glitch like that. Did you go to the website, log in there and check that all your details are still the same (banking, phone number, etc)?

One more thing to consider. Do you use the same password for anything else? Third parties often get hacked and those username and password lists are sold and then tried in various other places.
Yeah, I know. I've had problems driving downtown with reception before, but nothing like this. Yup, all my info is good & I changed my password. I used the old password in other places, but it's updated now. It happened right after the pax got outta my vehicle. So that's why I'm thinking something fishy was goin on with em.

perhaps they were charging a group rate and didn't want the pax to see your sad pittance. they'd demand a discount because the ride didn't cost uber gas, time, or depreciation.
No downtown was on fire & I was rollin in the $$ til this bs happened & I got bumped off for an hour, talking to the wonderful tech support.
sorry about the app but all we want to know is:

Did they tip?
For a $3 fare, what do you think?

Email support that there was an app error that caused you not being able to log on. I've gotten a $50 credit because Uber told me there was a network error one day...I wasn't even driving that day so it was free money.
I tried getting $$$ from tech support for this, but got a lame ass reply & apology
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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