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Strange one last night just after midnight.
I get a ping that is 10 minutes away.
A little long for my tastes, but I'm coming home from a movie, and the Ping is near my house.
I was going home anyway.
I'm curious why the long ping, but maybe Monday night after midnight in a rainstorm means fewer drivers.
I notice on the screen that the route is taking me near my house, but the actual pin is only a few minutes from where I currently am.
I call pax while driving to see whats up.
It drops to PAX Voice Mail.
I drive to where the App is directing me, not where the actual pin is located, as both the LYFT APP and GOOGLE MAPS are not guiding me to the pin, they are guiding me elsewhere.
I arrive, but the App will not let me arrive ("KEEP DRIVING") screen.
Just then, the Siri Sound: "Destination Changed, Rerouting" and I see the new pick-up is where the PIN was originally.
2 seconds later, "RIDER HAS CANCELLED." Boomp Bomp.
I get the $5.65 cancel fee, and I am less than 1km (half a mile) from my house at 12:20am.
Thanks strange rider, or LYFT APP GLITCH for paying me $5 to drive home from the movies.

Do you think it was the Passenger mixing up the pick-up and the drop-off locations? Or Do you think is was just a quirk of the app?
There was no 'little yellow person' on the screen to confirm the actual Location of the phone that ordered the ride.
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