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Anyone with a pending traffic citation?

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Over the years I've gotten pretty good at getting out of citations.

I have a running theory with SD Superior Courts that has got me 4 dismissals in a row, including with CHP - but I don't know if it works for me because I have something of a rap sheet at the court, or if I've discovered a glitch in the matrix.

Anyway, for this to work you need to have a pending citation, that you have NOT fulfilled your notice to appear date on (You got the citation, but you haven't done anything with it yet).

I don't want to publicize it but I do want to share it. DM me.
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I havent had a ticket in over 5 years which is my longest streak by far. I was picking up tickets consistently until thqt point. I was an aggrssive driver who was always in a hurry. I made a change and adjusted how I drive. I dont drive fast anymore but steady. It has definetly helped out financially as my insurance monthly has never been lower as well as slowed me down as a person. Never in a hurry is the motto everyday.

I have in the past went to court to fight all of my tickets with very little success. The PO always seemed to show up unfortunately. Thanks for the heads up Null..I will keep that in mind if I get another one
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