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Since last update I haven't received a ping. I have been in busy areas where I always receive a ping but now I don't get anything? Also I have the update only about few hours on my phone then it looks like has been rolled back and now it looks the same like the old uber version but still don't get any pings. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

I've had some problems, mostly with getting trips to start. When that Start Trip bar is not green there is no way you can start the trip. You have to do the trip off line with your navigator app and make a note of the start and finish addresses or cross streets. Have the rider cancel the ride ONLY when you get to the destination, then email Uber with the start/finish information so you get credit for the ride. Another thing you can try is to uninstall your Uber app and then reinstall it from the app store, you'll get the latest version. Hope it helps.
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