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so I’ll go on a run and for whatever reason need to call Uber support. Like tonight the restaurant is closed, so I call to get them to cancel so I can still get my pickup fee.

Then I go through this: I give them my name and email address and they tell me there are no active orders on that account, there’s nothing on the account etc.. I say “I’m literally using your app right now and am on a delivery. Here’s the order number and customer name”.

They say I have three accounts so I’ve asked them if so can close the other two because I don’t use them. I used to do UberX 4 years ago but don’t anymore. They say we can’t do anything about that.

It’s driving me bus, every time I call it’s a 20 minute phone call because they have to look it up ten different ways to get to the order I’m on.

Anyone else having this issue when you call? What can I do?
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