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it's 122pm here on tuesday afternoon and i see bright red surging in calabasas and just now it jumps to 3.3x to 3.4x i kid you not right at this second what's the story? i live right by usc and it boggles my mind how more times than not including this past 3 day holiday weekend i end up getting taken out to calabasas, agoura hills, oak ridge (which i had never been to till a couple times last night) and i am just very curious about that stretch if anyone has any insight.

1 guy i picked up in oak ridge had a previous cancellation of 8 times in a row, and being the nice guy that i was, i had a lengthy conversation with him after i picked him up. Things got so messed up in that area last night that i had to cancel a ride which i hardly ever do and when i turned the app back on, i got a request off PCH at 25 minutes away. I thought to myself gosh i should really cancel but the samurai spirit in me told me to keep going, don't even call the pax and accept if you only need to go half a block after pickup.

I came flying down the 405 south, to the 10 west and then PCH and let me tell you my hands started to sweat because i was paying attention to the other side of the freeways and i could tell crap was happening. traffic was building up, ambulances and police cars had their sirens on trying to move through the traffic 3 separate times and i just kept going further and further north on PCH hoping to never hit any traffic at all whatsover and that i could crossover with a left turn without having to wait for 30 minutes.

Turns out i made over 50 bux on that pickup to go to northridge taking topanga canyon but anyways sorry to go kinda off base but seems to me that the valley to calabasas etc for example, don't have enough drivers LOL
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