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Yes, and I've been banging on email support, and the greenlight center for now 15 weeks about it. A couple hundred emails at least.

Here's something to make you feel worse: I've confirmed that if the app shows it, you've definitely been selected for the guarantee. But since you can't opt in, you can't take advantage of it.

Support will not opt you in.

It isn't even the foreign nationals that are the worst problem at support, it's that they don't manage support tickets rights. Once a support ticket goes to a person it should stay with that person, but instead every single reply goes to a new person. That new person either doesn't or can't read the prior messages, so they think it's a brand new support ticket. That's the reason most of the responses are worthless copy pasted nonsense.

I finally got it escalated to a SF support team. I could literally go to them and have a conversation, but that's not acceptable. Still has the same problem with every reply going to a new person, and in this case it's always English speakers and they still have the same problem.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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