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I dropped at the Hyatt this afternoon around 2:30. As soon as I went back online I got a ping for a pickup 15 minutes away on Edgewood. Accept, cancel, a duh, no way. She pings back, so I let that go and log out. I flip on the rider app and see that there are no cars downtown or even anywhere on the map. Nearest car was more than 10 mins. So, I sit offline watching the rider app waiting for it to go massive surge.

What I see is driver after driver come online after a drop and immediately get snapped up. It would go no uberx available for a few seconds, then someone would come online and again immediately get snapped up. It was at least every 10 seconds that would happen. I'm thinking massive surge coming. Never happened.

I finally go back online and see the entire city is orange, but no surge anywhere. That was the case most of the afternoon. By evening it seemed to be back to normal though.

Thinking they were trying out a new (and bad) surge algorithm this afternoon.
This is why I laugh when people think they can generate or manipulate surge
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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