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Anyone driving for Postmates

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Thinking of doing that with Uber when it is slow, any information appreciated
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Apparently they are a pretty big deal in California, I've signed up and got my starter kit just been to busy to try them yet. I recently signed up for favor and 2 people in orientation were doing it here in Houston. I had to stay later to change my ride along date, and they had already left, but I wanted to ask them how it's working out for them. On a side note favor guarantees $9.00 an hour as lomg as your working. I'll update more once I finish my ride along and get started. They are a Texas (Austin) based company too. It may be BS, but I'll soon find out. If people actually use it, it might be a pretty decent gig.
You mean post mates right? Favor was founded in Austin under the name beer and burritos I think.
I'll soon find out, lol they both seem kinda iffy but I figured why not try them out... I do like that with favor, if you make money they still pay you $9.00 an hour...or at least they say they do.
I believe there may be a catch with that. Probably only hours that are scheduled or something, and those may be very limited.
Like I said, I'll find out more Friday on my ride along. The way I understood it, as long as you're logged in, and say you only make 2 bucks they cover the difference, but you're probably right. Just like all other uberlike companies is there's always a catch...
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