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Anyone driving for Postmates

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Thinking of doing that with Uber when it is slow, any information appreciated
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Nice way to advertise your new service! Troll!

I think postmates has been around longer in Houston than Uber. Either way, in 2016 they were valued at 600 million dollars. I am pretty sure the owner of this company is not on here trying to create a thread to "advertise".
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Like I said, I'll find out more Friday on my ride along. The way I understood it, as long as you're logged in, and say you only make 2 bucks they cover the difference, but you're probably right. Just like all other uberlike companies is there's always a catch...
If I remember correctly you will get about $3 for the delivery fee. I would be surprised if you could do more than 1 favor an hour, since a lot of the times you will have to 1) drive to the store 2) get out and shop 3) wait in line to checkout - god forbid you go to a walmart at 10pm.. 4) go to the person's house. (considering its all inner loop, just driving to their house is going to be a good 15-20 minutes). I do not think your paid for mileage or time.

Oh, and if your thinking about food delivery, be advised that you are responsible for calling this in or order it and wait when you get there. Favor does not have tablets at the restaurant like doordash, postmates, uber, amazon, etc.

So, let's say $4 delivery fee + $5 tip (I do not see how more than that in your average tip) and your getting $9/hr since you can only do 1 an hour.

There maybe a surcharge that you get, like 10 or 20% of the items total. I am not sure if this was Favor or something else I was looking at. That could help, but I would be surprised if people are ordering $50 or more worth of stuff to make it worth it (keep in mind, you will be working longer finding the items at the store). We all know what a pain it is to navigate a store you have not been to.

If you end up making $20/hr constantly, please let us know. But I think you will be closer to $9/hr.
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