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Any rich people here???

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Here moniesmoniesmonies......
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I long for the days of those three hour drug mule calls
Thank you. You save me the trouble of having to come up with a sarcastic answer for that

I think OP was asking if there would be any rich folks in the area for a possible ping...
Showing his SUV...not claiming it was of a rich person's.
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I got the TP covered, but I'm at the point where I would almost bang a chicken for some eggs

That, or toilet paper.
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I'm under the impression at this point it's survival of the fittest. I'm sure we've been exposed long enough to whoever was going to catch it already has

Generally I would think that richer = smarter, not all cases, some just get lucky. So i would suspect that higher end means fewer people in the suv = less likely to catch it.
Me too and I have enough underlaying conditions to where I'm ****ed if I catch it. I'm diabetic and asthmatic.
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