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With the latest uber driver assault fiasco that happened in D.C., I'm going to start using my voice recorder that I I used for lectures during school. It may not be visual but if the pax were to initiate anything, it will at least record their intentions, and as long as you remain neutral, your butt is safe.

A cheap dash cam is the more preferred thought on this subject. Isn't it an eye opener for you to even have to consider some thing like this ? The cheaper than bus fare Uber rates are attracting a low class of riders. Is it really worth the risk to drive for Uber, a company that really doesn't give a shit about you and a wage that dam near costs you as much to do it as Screwbre allows you make? The only explanation I can see is your of the "It would never happen to me" school of thought and your haven't taken the time to actually sit down and do the
Screwbre math.
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