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An Uber driver waited outside a bank. He didn't realize he was the getaway car, police say.
Police are hunting for a "ride-share bandit" in Oregon who hailed an Uber driving to pick him up, take him to the bank he robbed and then unwittingly serve as the getaway car. Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
September 28, 2017 07:43 PM EDT
He flagged a car down in downtown Portland, Oregon because the driver had Uber and Lyft stickers visible on his car.
The man who hailed the car said he didn't have an Uber or Lyft account, but he offered to pay the driver in cash for a ride to a bank in Wilsonville, south of Portland, according to the Oregonian.
While the driver waited in the car, the man went into the bank. When the man returned, he asked the driver to take him to northwest Portland. That's where he got dropped off, near a local pharmacy.
But what the driver didn't realize was that his passenger wasn't depositing a check or opening a savings account at the Umpqua Bank branch they'd gone to: He was actually robbing the bank, and using his impromptu ride as an unsuspecting getaway car.
Because he paid in cash, the ride was not connected to the suspected robber's personal Uber or Lyft account, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.
The sheriff's office has dubbed him the "ride-share bandit."
Investigators released a photo of the suspect, and described him as a thin, 6-foot tall black man in his 30s or 40s, according to KATU. He was wearing an Adidas track suit with dark sunglasses.
Authorities are still looking for the suspect.

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Street hails are illegal unless you have a taxi license there fore this stupid driver was wrong in all counts.

The only Uber that can accept street hails is an Uber Taxi. Uber Taxi is not available in many markets. What is funny is that it is available in Portland, Oregon.

It is available in the Capital of Your Nation, as well. I have it. I show an Uber Trade Dress strictly for identification purposes. Uber users will summon an Uber Taxi to an address by which many taxis pass or in front of which they might sit. When the user comes out of the address , he wants to know which one is the Uber Taxi. In the case that I am his driver, it is the taxi with the Uber Trade Dress on the dashboard.
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