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America will unfortunately learn in near future what happens when society looses any respect for the law.
I mean, any workplace is a stressful environment if you make it stressful....
First rule is, do what you love doing and make it fun......

People who annoy you in your workplace can be stressful if you let it go on and do nothing, if you let managers / supervisors breathe on all over you, it can be stressful..... because it automatically takes away "love the work you do " part away.

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There is a big movement on the part of Companies to chip away all the workers rights than unions fought hard to conquer.
The worst thing is that they are brainwashing people to support this new economy.
Now and days , you are expected to pay your taxes, pay your benefits, invest on your equipment, which all be good if you get paid accordingly.
Instead they expect you to earn as an employee carrying all the risk and expenses.
They basically want to be facilitator of your activity without carrying any cost or risk.
The worst is that there is a bunch of dumm asses that support the new system with the promises of what?
Flexibility? Working double time?
We need to get back to strong unions, and strong work laws.
The focus need to change from profit to people’s well being, and if “ WE, THE PEOPLE” don’t start to changing that, they won’t.
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