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Are drivers who tell short trip customers to cancel

  • Sociopathic , no regard for anybody

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Uneducated selfish criminally minded morons?

    Votes: 2 40.0%

Another short trip allocated afterPrevious Driver orders Customer to Cancel

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Very rarely wait at Gold Coast Airport anymore , find it a soul destroying depressing place , why?
1/ No shade as someone who is aware of the UV scale of 14 + in qld , wonder how the Gold Coast Airport can justify having up to 40 people at a time baking on tar surface with no shade cloths , whilst their car parking customers cars are covered?

2/ Ignorant smokers who pull up next to you light up their coffin sticks .

3/ Pulling up and seeing bare feet sticking out of windows owned by sleeping drivers .

But worst of all receiving a trip request , picking up a passenger going to say Palm Beach, and having the customer tell me that she was told to cancel the last trip request by a Uber driver who had rang and asked for destination.
Sociopaths , with no concept of anyone but their narrow focus of money, no better than those who betray their communities , their nations for gold coins jingling in their pockets.
I was only on two bars at airport saw in my mirror three drivers grinning as I drove to pick up this polite , lady, who in good faith had requested service .
Many drivers I have spoken to can relate the same experience , ......IT STINKS, selfish cretans .
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LOL. Was this the rider who gave you the 1☆, and destroyed your world?

The rider was a minor who I refused to transport , because unlike you , can see past the $ and wish to at least try to be a professional driver, mr bully boy
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Really? are you serious , so you enter a fish and chip shop , and the person who serves you , exclaims in a self entitled whiny voice , tell me what you want first .
If the customer asks only for a serving of chips and a fish cake , the shop owner Yells
No tell the customer to cancel their order.

Tell them to try the shop two doors down , we are greedy morons , who would rather wait for 4 fish and chips order , than serve a small order customer.

We have no concept of fairness or , customer service , just big orders , those we offend don’t count , as long as we piggy’s can win?
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