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So this morning I drop off a pax at Buffalo airport. Only 3 cars in Uber queue and a Jet Blue plane coming in so I need a short break I say what the heck will wait in the queue (withhold sarcastic comments please). So I turn on both Uber and Lyft (withhold comments please) to get in both queues. I havent done the airport queue in a long time so maybe this is not new...but...while I am sitting there, I get a Lyft text and a Lyft message on my driver app that says "Proceed to the Arrivals area - and you will get a ride request on the way there". Mind you, there is no ping and no pax, just this message. I think, this is odd, but hey, it's Lyft, what could possibly go wrong, right?
So anyway, you guessed it, I go to the arrivals area, sit there like a dumb-arse for several minutes, and of course nothing. No pax, no pings just the dopey message from Lyft still on my app.

Finally, I pull away from airport cursing and swearing at Lyft. As I pull out of the airport and onto the 33, I get a message from Lyft saying that my pax just cancelled on me. What pax I say? So not only is Lyft a terrible company, now they're just messing with us.
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