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Another idiotic decision

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Hello fellow drivers,

My car is a 2004 Lexus LS 430 with approximately 150k+ miles. No major repairs throughout ownership. Excluding wear and tear such as brakes, tyres and suspension, minor ones are the door actuators, oil leak (engine gasket) and cruise control. Now, I am hit with a $6000 bill for the transmission. Anyone with the ability of making logical judgement would sell the car in the blink of an eye but my heart often overrides the brain.

A few months ago, the car was sluggish occasionally going in reverse but once it was given enough time to warm up, it reversed without any problems. Fast forward to last week, instead of difficulty in reverse, the car was sluggish to accelerate. Again, the car drove fine after a few minutes. Two days ago, the car did not move upon start up unless the engine hit 2000 rpm, which is ridiculous. My experience is that the car only hits 2000 rpm or above when travelling 60 mph+.

Although as ignorant as I am, I do not need a dealer to tell me the transmission is failing. What it is beyond comprehension is that at this astronomical repair cost, the dealer would only put a re-manufactured one to my car. If the donor car has more or less the same mileage as my car, if not more, it is just a matter of time for the donor transmission to fail. Perhaps I may be better off to roll the dice, buy a used transmission from eBay and pray a transmission shop will do the job right at a fraction of the cost. The pain of losing my love is still excruciating and certainly I do not want to experience anything similar again (over the years, I have developed bonding of some kind with this car). Selling it is the last thing I hope for.

Are Toyotas made to last? I will leave this to your judgment. My answer to that would be 'depends'. Honestly with the age of this car, it is understandable that something starts to fail. As with my other newer LS, a failing suspension at 26k miles is ridiculous. This is why my jaw drops each time reading stories of Prius / Camry / Corolla that never breaks at unbelievably high miles. Why is not the case for Lexus?

Thank you for taking the time to read.
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Blinker fluid, muffler bearing, and flux capacitor was never mentioned.

Very disappointed in you guys.
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Google says that thing doesn't have a dipstick. Just a fill and a drain plug.

A full transmission should have 10 quarts of fluid but only three quarts would be drained if you just undid the plug and Let It Go. So I guess you could check it just by draining it and filling it back up again with three quarts of transmission fluid.
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@W00dbutcher prob had best answer… just refill the blinker fluid…
@W00dbutcher is not responsible for any repair advice related to up.net.
In 1974 models . . .changing transmission fluid could kill those old 3 speeds. Loss of " grit" could cause slippage .

Remember dropping the WHOLE damn transmission to change out a $2.00 front seal ?

76 nova-305 and 73 Pontiac Catalina. 400.

In the Catalina I had to add 1/2 quart of " reconstituted" transmission fluid to pull away from a red light sometimes !

Kept on going though.

Fun job by yourself when using only a floor jack to put car in blocks & to lower transmission when you got it loose !
You mean you've never dug a trench in the ground and push the car over it to change the transmission?
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And you can repurpose that trench and bury a body when you are done…
Where the hell do you live that you're going to kill somebody the same day you're pulling a transmission out of a car?
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Hell I had a ditch !
Why dig.
But . . . I worked on cars under the boat shed
That works. Plenty of shade underneath the car.
Let me know if you need advice from a person who took high school auto shop class.
I once stayed at a Holiday Inn and we all know you can become anything spending a night in one of them places.
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Well this thread started out about diagnosing transmissions, burying people in trenches, and now it’s about hotels… making awesome progress here…
I'm really surprised there was not a single post sexually about the dipstick
True that, but the 2004 Lexus LS430 will have a dipstick for checking transmission fluid level.
Are you sure the 04 to 06 ls430 has a dipstick?
Yes, located near the backside of the engine compartment on the driver-side of the vehicle.
Everywhere I check says it doesn't have a dipstick it's a sealed transmission. Even the photo of a 2004 doesn't have a dipstick Port?


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