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And... I found the way to get promos back on your account.

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I figured it had something to do with your activity in the platform, it turned out to be true, weeks of testing led me to this final conclusion.

You need to:

Turn off your app THE ENTIRE TIME, if you depend on lyft only, you are fuxed, you do not even peek to see if the promos are there, your app has to be asleep for up to a week (maybe 2 depending on the trigger).

Once you keep the app asleep without even peeking, Lyft will start sending you messages, through the app or through your email, they will ask you to turn on your app, to come drive for them and enjoy being a millionaire, you IGNORE THAT, when they stop sending you those messages (2-3 days after the barrage of message, the messages have to stop for 2 days straight), you turn on the app and voila! you now have streaks, how long they last? no clue, I don't rideshare anymore but if they get removed, rinse and repeat.

Just as God said don't look in Sodom and Gomorrah's cool story, you too will see the benefits of this or you will look and turn into a salt statue :cry:

Either way it's repeatable if you fail the first time, don't say daddy never gave you anything ;)
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Who doesn't like driving for points 🤣
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