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Ames dud today

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So I had to be in Ames today, so I signed up for the 'guaranteed payout'. Sunday, 12-5 was guaranteed $10/hour. This is down slightly from the last 2 weeks of $12/hour and I'm sure they're getting ready to phase this out altogether.

Today I had ONE rider from 12-5. ONE.

Granted, I'll get my $50 for the time slot and got a lot of general email catchup work done while sitting here waiting for a rider, but I think the Ames market is already saturated. I use my tablet and signed in with my hubby's account to watch, and at one time there were 7 cars visible on the app. I've heard that not all of those cars are 'real' or at least there is a theory out there that Uber puts up 'ghost cars' to make riders think there are more available.

At any rate, dud, dud, dud. I've only been driving for 4 weeks and overall it's been worth it for what I'm doing/why I'm doing it. Turning the app on during the time I'd normally be sitting around doing nothing, turning it off when the kid is done with dance class to go home. I'd averaged $75/week total, with each week being slightly more than the week before - but not this week.

I'm hoping the colder weather will bring on more riders, but I think this was my last wasted Sunday! I had a lot I could have been doing at home.

Ah, well. Live and learn.
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