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Ames dud today

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So I had to be in Ames today, so I signed up for the 'guaranteed payout'. Sunday, 12-5 was guaranteed $10/hour. This is down slightly from the last 2 weeks of $12/hour and I'm sure they're getting ready to phase this out altogether.

Today I had ONE rider from 12-5. ONE.

Granted, I'll get my $50 for the time slot and got a lot of general email catchup work done while sitting here waiting for a rider, but I think the Ames market is already saturated. I use my tablet and signed in with my hubby's account to watch, and at one time there were 7 cars visible on the app. I've heard that not all of those cars are 'real' or at least there is a theory out there that Uber puts up 'ghost cars' to make riders think there are more available.

At any rate, dud, dud, dud. I've only been driving for 4 weeks and overall it's been worth it for what I'm doing/why I'm doing it. Turning the app on during the time I'd normally be sitting around doing nothing, turning it off when the kid is done with dance class to go home. I'd averaged $75/week total, with each week being slightly more than the week before - but not this week.

I'm hoping the colder weather will bring on more riders, but I think this was my last wasted Sunday! I had a lot I could have been doing at home.

Ah, well. Live and learn.
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As usual, I was out running errands the other day so I turned on the App. In some two plus hours of motoring around DsM, not a single ping. As I was heading home, two pings, both 10 minutes or so away. Denied. Home.
so for two hours you denied your only two pings you got. Good strategy bro. Haha :rolleyes:
Uhhh yeah, if you want to drive 12 minutes to pick somebody up have at it. And when they are going for a half-mile ride, perhaps you'll figure out it wasn't such a good strategy. I have better things to do then burn up time, gas and wear/tear on my car to haul a pax 8 blocks. It's happened too many times. If the ping is more than 5 minute, not going there. But I am happy you are willing to do so. That keeps the Uber boys at the top happy.
Yeah, one out of how many? Do you want me to post an image of all the 10 minute plus trips I have made to haul some lazy ass 8 blocks from their home to work? I can do that for you.

So you drove from Waukee to Principal Park - do you live in Waukee? You had to drive back right? Where did you start your drive? I consider all of the drive - to and from, a part of the deal. And it is when there is nobody riding in the back seat on the way back.

I drove a lady from the airport to Waukee and made $38. Big deal. I ended up driving all the way back from Waukee in horrible traffic with no pax riding and paying the tab. To be honest, I don't think the $38 was worth the amount of time, gas, wear and tear on my car. You can have mine. Trust me. I've hardly been driving because of no pings and nit-wits who either cancel or have me haul them 8 blocks. Maybe when the snow flies things will be better.
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Al, you can try to justify it all you like. You can call names and characterize me any way you like. It proves how ignorant you really are. Perhaps you should talk about the issues of driving for Uber rather than those who post messages here. You can always tell a troll but the problem is, you can't tell them much.
The more I have read Albert Uberific's posts, the more I have come to like the guy. He's a cool dude. I did log in the other day and drove around for two hours. Not a single ping. I was up at 4 am this morning, in bed. I opened the app to summon a car and noticed no less than six cars in my area. No wonder things have slowed down.
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