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Amazon Flex in St Louis

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Just got approved last week and curious if anyone has received any Blocks yet?
I havent seen anything about an official start date so not sure if operational yet in the area.
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I called Amazon and they said the 12th of September.
I have a Reserved block accepted for this Friday 15th. Test it out.
I missed the email this weekend on an offered block for today, 9/11. The acceptance time expired before I read it.

Friend of mine received a Reserved time for last Saturday...
Showed up and the guy at the Hazelwood Fulfillment center told him it was a "glitch". No Packages there until WED.. He still got paid the $72...
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My first block went well. 37 pkgs 4 hrs. I do see why you really need to organize the Pkgs in an order before hitting the road. Would have saved a little time.
How were you able to sign up? I went to the Amazon Flex site and it did not list St. Louis as a participating city. All I could do is submit my contact info for them to let me know when it's available.
It has been running a couple weeks now. Did my second run this past Saturday. 40 pkgs/ 3:20 hrs.
Submit the info and they will contact you asking for the info to do the background check...giving you the app to download.
Yeah that link doesn't work for me and St. Louis isn't listed on the main page. Maybe they only opened it up for a short period.
I had to click on the "Get Started" then where it list Cities...click, "My region is not here".
Fill out the info and they will notify you.
That's how I got in. it took a day or two but I then received a link to DOWNLOAD the app and fill out the Background Check info.
Yeah that link doesn't work for me and St. Louis isn't listed on the main page. Maybe they only opened it up for a short period.
They just reopened signups

And don't forget to join the Facebook group

Amazon flex drivers of st louis
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Very odd... Have not seen one Reserved block or even any blocks up for grabs in a long while here in StL.
I'm only fully available 1 day per week but I got a reserved block for that day for my first 3 weeks.

Nothing for this week, but my FT job was offering overtime so I don't mind.
Does anyone know what van contractor Amazon is using here? I see them driving around at least a couple times a week. Just wondering what the pay/hours are like.
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