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Am I missing something?

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I started driving on Sunday Sept 27th
When should I expect to be paid? I'm not sure where or when I'll see these statements that I keep reading about. Where do I find my statement and do I need to do anything to get it?.
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Hi, Anzio.

Welcome to the forum!

Please read your Partnership Agreement.

New Drivers have 30 Days to Opt-out of Binding Arbitration.

UNS :)
I've seen this opt-out noted a few times on this board. I'm new (new enough to still be inside of the 30 days) and am wondering what the implications are. Does opting out of the arbitration cancel - or otherwise alter - a driver's ability to use the app, get pings, etc.? Or is this simply a one-time opportunity to essentially reserve the right for a private arbitrator should the need for one ever arise? Thanks for any clarification.
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