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  • Al pastor

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  • Carne asada

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It really depends who's making it.

The taco truck on Arbor Vitae by lax has way better asada. I wasn't a fan of their al pastor, not marinated enough.

But Tacos El Gavilan, I will definitely order my usual 3 de al pastor and 2 de asada.
Their asada gets 3.1 out of 5.
Their al pastor gets 1 out of 5.

El gavilan is ok...:/

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Idk my mexican homies call them cerote and always tell me salvi girls r the dirtiest n one of the best f's....
They hooked me up with 1 longgg time ago...she was real cutie but super hairy...i never came across a girl who had hair on her arms n in her butt like hers...
Not sure how to tell you this...I'll just leave this here~

I prefer kaka con queso por favor
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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