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Can someone explain how the airport (for IAH or Hobby) works? Got my airport permit today but I wasn't sure where I could go for pickups.
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Average wait time at noon for a hobby is up to 2 hours.... I log myself into the queue an hour before I get off work. once in awhile I get a hit for Sugar Land Katy or Cypress. mainly it's in the loop over by the Galleria Midtown Heights 10 - $20 fares... once in awhile still get hit for pick up in Pasadena for the airport that's only went crazy storms or something weird's going on.... Bush I call it about $20 buck... average wait anywhere from an hour two two and a half..... you're only seeing the people that are dumb enough to park in the lot... the sail-loft employee slots are filled with people picking up... how hard is it to let you know what number in the que u are.... Hate when I have four blue lines. 0-10 mins and still wait 25 mins..... watching other drivers pull out of the lot... you're praying that they're just leaving and giving hope
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So I'm sitting at the Parking Spot on Will Clayton. What is exactly is the point in sitting so far away from the airport? How do I know how many other Uber drivers are doing the same thing as I am?
The lots where started to stop people from parking everywhere... People still do the cell lot is full of ubers
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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