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Please don't illegally park at the airport to get a ride ahead of everyone else! There's a couple people that seem to be doing this/ parking on neighboring streets and in private lots. Green Prius, silver Prius, beige jeep, all appear to be men in their 50-60's, and I know there are a couple more doing this. Park in the cell lot and try to let the drivers that are there first park in front of you! We don't have an airport queue here, so it's plain old bad manners to "jump the line!" Anyone else noticed this? It drivers me crazy!
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I'm not an idiot, thank you. I don't wait forever at the airport, but it is frustrating when you've been there 5 min waiting for a ride and see a couple other cars pop in, knowing they're illegally parked specifically to get rides first. It's the reason other airports don't allow uber, have queues and kick people out of queues for parking illegally, or make rides meet in really strange spots. It's really in everyone's best interest to play the game fairly!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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