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After you pick up a passenger from the airport and drop them off at their destination, do you drive back to the airport and pick up the next ride in queue or do you wait around at the destination where you dropped off your passenger to pick up riders in that area?
What is your avg $ ride from the airport??
Mine is around $25, if the ride is 10 dollars, I go right back , and usually
get another one fast, regardless of the queue. If the ride is non money making ride, and you have good acceptance rate, Algo should find you a ride faster.
It knows that you are doing a bad ride.
Your acceptance rate needs to be high.
Also, we got two airports, so if the drop off is anywhere near the other airport, straight to the queue
Drivers who start at 4 am near the airport, usually make good money and
4 am customers are good, and they tip.
I start after 9 am.

It is mostly highway miles, so you are getting 30 to 40 percent more fuel efficiency and way less tear on your body and vehicles( way less maintenance)
200,000 on highway miles is better than 75000 stop and go vehicle.
Just look at your transmission fluid color..., 75,000 highway miles vs stop and go miles.
if you are doing ride-share
and you trade in your vehicle, you will not get too much value for your vehicle
once it goes past 200,000 miles. Does not matter if the vehicle has 200,000,
300,000 or 400,000
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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