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Depends on holidays and events, when uni goes on break. I can garantee il get a trip to the airport, so won't bother being anywhere near the airport, noones flying in, when holidays are over, there's plenty of people coming back, and no one leaving,

It's knowing your area, and profitability,
Agreed on the early morning start. The first departing flights take off at about 6 am. If I have the app on at 3:30 I almost always get a ride from my neighborhood to the airport and there is often time to double back to grab another
Those trips are great, our airport opens at 330am,4 flights leave at 6am, town closes at 3am,not many cars are on, surge goes up, no traffic, good money, and I'm finished by 930am when it gets very quiet, no money ubering during the day, everyone's at work
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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