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After you pick up a passenger from the airport and drop them off at their destination, do you drive back to the airport and pick up the next ride in queue or do you wait around at the destination where you dropped off your passenger to pick up riders in that area?
It depends. We are a resort/vacation/second home market winters are out busy season, summers not so much , And this summer has been slower than usual due to a water quality problem at our beaches So this year most of our customers are locals

This past winter if I took someone from the airport I would work wherever the ride took me and could count on a ride back to the airport

This summer I've been deadheading back to the airport, at least I know I'll get a ride here

So it depends

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Agreed on the early morning start. The first departing flights take off at about 6 am. If I have the app on at 3:30 I almost always get a ride from my neighborhood to the airport and there is often time to double back to grab another

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What is your avg $ ride from the airport??
Mine is around $25, if the ride is 10 dollars, I go right back , and usually
get another one fast, regardless of the queue. If the ride is non money making ride, and you have good acceptance rate, Algo should find you a ride faster.
It knows that you are doing a bad ride.
Your acceptance rate needs to be high.
Also, we got two airports, so if the drop off is anywhere near the other airport, straight to the queue
Drivers who start at 4 am near the airport, usually make good money and
4 am customers are good, and they tip.
I start after 9 am.

It is mostly highway miles, so you are getting 30 to 40 percent more fuel efficiency and way less tear on your body and vehicles( way less maintenance)
200,000 on highway miles is better than 75000 stop and go vehicle.
Just look at your transmission fluid color..., 75,000 highway miles vs stop and go miles.
if you are doing ride-share
and you trade in your vehicle, you will not get too much value for your vehicle
once it goes past 200,000 miles. Does not matter if the vehicle has 200,000,
300,000 or 400,000
I dont know whether you are asking me ... but Ill comment anyway

$25 is probably about right for me but I think your comment about the algorithm is nonsense.. It a next up thing, plain and simple,,,at least thats what I think.. If the algorithm balanced long and short rides then there would have been no reason to introduce the' short ride" notice. (if you dont know what that is: In the case of a really short ride, you get a notice on the ping that it is a short ride and if you take it, you will retain your place in the queue when you return) Also I wouldnt ever have a bad, day, everyday would be average... and they are not

I live about a half an hour from the airport and start the apps at 3:30 from home. ... I almost always get a ride to the airport.. I now have a regular lyft customer, who works at the airport If Im at the 7/11 near his home at 5:15 I get the ping for a $20 ride So the perfect start to my day is a ride at or before 4 to the airport from home, then doubleback for my regular guy and start my day with $50 before 6am I take my place in the queue; usually at about 15 lyft, 6-10 X and 1-5 XL... and then I wait

I dont know about your airport but here its like the wild west There are several groups of two to ten or more drivers working together to maximize their chances for high paying rides. I dont know all their games, but Im told that one group uses a piece of electronic equipment so that their guys come into the lot at #1.

One group employs a person to stay at the airport and hold the phones for the others, So One driver can go out on Lyft and leave his uber phone behind . When he returns from the lyft ride , he has moved up the uber queue,. When he gets his uber ride he leaves the lyft phone behind.

Another group gives all their phones to one guy who goes to the airport at 3 or 4am so that that group is always at the front of the queue for the first flights of the day. Its not unusual for me to arrive early and see only 1 or 2 cars on the lot and my position is #6 or so

and almost everyone screens and cancels the short rides.

My routine is to take what I get, and than work wherever the ride takes me.. but if I have to wait more than 30 min for a ride, I start back to the airport
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