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Airport pickups in Sydney..UberX

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So far I haven't bothered. One guy told me he waited two hours for a booking to come through. I assumed their would be build up demand for UberX services at Sydney airport.

Can anyone give some real life experiences? Not hearsay.
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First time I waited at domestic got ping after 5 minutes at 2.00pm.
Next time waited 15 mins at 7.45 (needed a pee anyway) then left. Got ping in Botany Rd to go back to an airport hotel.
Next time carpark was full, so left.
Today waited 15 mins @ 11.00am (another pee) then left but as I was turning into Botany Rd got passenger ping and got back in 4 minutes, which I reckon was probably faster than getting back from the carparks, where the traffic is very slow.

Last week I used international waiting for first time, got ping after 15 mins so pretty happy. I like the international better, because of the slow trip from carpark to dropoff zone at domestic. You can be stuck there for 10 mins.
It's a mixed bag...
Today I dropped rider at domestic and left immediately to go to Eastern suburbs but got ping within 1 min to go back to Ibis Hotel. Took riders to International and decided to wait there in the Uber zone. Got ping after 2 minutes.

Later took another rider to domestic and left, set direction home, got ping after 2 mins.

My conclusion, don't wait at domestic. I've been lucky so far at International but maybe it's just a matter of time before disappointment. LOL.
If I get a fare to International I stay there. So far have had no more than 15 mins waiting in the morning between 9.00 - 11.00.

Domestic, I get out of there. Too many Ubers.
I did it the other way - Ibis to International - for $13.78. Had to go via Botany Rd so I guess that was the difference.

My shortest trip so far - 400m from a guy's home to Artarmon Station. $6.40 for 5 minutes work including time to get there.
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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