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Airport pickups in Sydney..UberX

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So far I haven't bothered. One guy told me he waited two hours for a booking to come through. I assumed their would be build up demand for UberX services at Sydney airport.

Can anyone give some real life experiences? Not hearsay.
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When I first started Ubering I thought 'to airport' rides were cruisey .. easy navigation, happy riders for 5 stars ... usually $20-$30 fares .... but now I realise you have to add the 10-15mins 'empty' time to get back through the airport buffer zone to Uber country like Alexandria, Inner West or East ... so for $25, it's a 45 min commitment minimum ...
and, yes, I dont bother waiting for an airport pickup ... I got pinged once driving outbound from international along Qantas Drive to the Domestic ... the reason there was no 'available' Uber in the wait area was because it was soooo busy at Domestic ... learnt my lesson with the traffic into pickup area ... now I go offline until I clear the airport catchment zone... crazy but that's my logic ...
Does the airport ever price surge? ..anyone know? given the pulse of arriving flights I suspect not....
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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