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after accident how long is suspension?

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A lady hit my car driving out of driveway, she said she was distracted by her daughter. PAX reported the accident, I was taking her daughter home. Don't know if she's is claiming that she's hurt or not? I am going straight to the other person's insurance although I have already contacted my own insurance and they told me that I can deal direct. Now Uber has suspended my account :
I'm very sorry to hear this and hope you are okay. Were you injured in any way?

To help us better understand what happened, we have sent you an Incident Report Form to your email. This is something we request from all partners who are involved in a report of an incident, no matter how small. This is simply so we can maintain a record of all incidents that happen on the Uber platform. This document is by no means an admission of fault; it is just so we can better understand what happened from your point of view. You can fill out your Incident Report Form, as well as sign it electronically right from your email. To make this as easy as possible, you are able to fill out your form straight from your mobile device. Your cooperation will help us resolve this matter as quickly as possible.Your account will be placed on a temporary hold until we receive this document.

Can anyone tell me how long the suspension will be? Guess my medal is shot for this week
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That happened to me too while ago.Some one hit my car from back while I had two passengers in back sat.They were totally fine but they call an ambulance.Next day they reported the incident to Fuber and my account got waitlisted right away.They asked me to fill out the same application too.It took me about 2 to 3 days to get re-activated again.It was because the other party admitted that it was his fault right away.I hearded about a rep from uber over the phone that those 2 passngers got in total of 12000 $ for their injuries!!!!
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